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Neue Single: Let the Sun Shine (Om Mani Padme Hum)

Let the sun shine, no matter how deep you are in the darkness. Feel it, trust and let go. Devote yourself to god. Everything is made for you to experience it.

Let the Sun shine is a collaboration from two spirits who want to share the sounds of their hearts.
Handpan & Singing by Robin & Nuria Mona.

Release: 23.01.2023
Music: Robin Weber (@robinspacemusic )
Lyrics: Nuria Mona Kimmer
Film & Cut: Nuria Mona Kimmer
Cover Art: Robin Weber (@robinspacemusic )


Om mani padme,
om mani padme,
om mani padme hum (2x)

When I’m feeling week
It’s you that I seek
I see deep down in your eye
And I must start zu cry
and than I smile

When Im feeling all alone
I feel my head and my crown
I feel you deep inside
And let shine my light

You give me hope
And I find a home
A place for shelter
For now I felt her
No more on my own
I start to own my own life

Om mani padme,
om mani padme,
om mani padme hum (4x)

Robin in Space
~ Musician | Teacher | Sound Healer ~